Loowit Art Glass

Loowit Art Glass is created by the husband and wife team of Mikel and Lola Wilson. "Loowit" is the local native name for Mt. Saint Helens. In May 1980, the mountain's eruption left mudflow in the backyard. In 1994 that mud became the foundation for our own hotshop.

Living and working in this area promotes a closeness to nature and appreciation for things natural. This has influenced our work and is a never ending source of new ideas. Interpreting these ideas in glass is the challenge that makes glassblowing rewarding.

As well as sea life forms, we create a variety of art glass: vases, bowls, stemware, paperwieghts, and many custom items to enhance the living space of others. Making the glass is the first step in a process that is fulfilled when someone takes it home. That appreciation is necessary to the continuation of our work.

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